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Airshoppen Taxfree

4 for 3

Make sure to take advantage of our 4 for 3 offers, so you can get even more out of shopping with Airshoppen! Within each color category you can freely mix 4 products - you get the cheapest item for free! Each category has its own color sticker:

4 for 3 on all fragrances & cosmetics

Fragrances, skincare & make-up (brown stickers)

This offer allows you to freely mix all our perfumes, face creams, lotions and makeup products. You will get the cheapest of your 4 products free of charge with your purchase. Keep your eyes open for the brown 4 for 3 stickers in the shop or see all the products here.

4 for 3 on large selection of spirits

Spirits (blue stickers)

You can also choose to take 4 bottles of spirits from our range and get the cheapest bottle free. This 4 for 3 offer is marked with blue stickers, but you can also see which bottles are included in the offer here.

4 for 3 on selected confectionary

Sweet and Salty (green stickers)

There's also plenty on offer for those with a sweet tooth - and you will get the cheapest of the 4 items for free. Look out for the green 4 for 3 stickers in the shop or see which products are included in the offer here.

It's up to you if you want to choose four different or four identical items from within the product category. You will see the discount deducted in your shopping basket.

Please be aware that the 4 products (8, 12 or more) must be delivered together EITHER on the outbound or homebound flight. This means you can't split one 4 for 3 offer so that some items are delivered on the outbound flight and others on the homebound flight. On the other hand, you can easily order multiple 4 for 3 offers for both outbound and homebound flights. Buy 4 and get the cheapest free. Buy 8 and get the 2 cheapest free. Buy 12 and get the 3 cheapest free and so on. 

Offer only applies to selected items and does not apply to already reduced items or tobacco products.