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How to place an order

You can order items from Airshoppen when you are flying with Thomas Cook Airlines to/from an airport in the UK. Read more about how to shop in Airshoppen.

How to order

You can order goods online or by calling us on tel.+(44) 1614 98 38 38

You can also pre-order items for your next flight with Thomas Cook Airlines, when you are on-board the aircraft. Just hand over your order form to the cabin crew.

When is the latest I can order?

The deadline for ordering is usually 6 days before departure, but this can vary depending on your flight destination. You can see the actual deadline for ordering for your flight departure when you log in to Airshoppen.

You can also contact our Call Centre for information about the ordering deadline for your particular flight on tel. +(44) 1614 98 38 38

How do I know if my order has been registered?

When you shop online, you will receive an order reservation by email once you have placed your order and made an online payment. You will receive a new email with the final order confirmation when we start packing your order. If you would like to make changes to your order, this is possible right up until the last order date 5-6 days before departure. 

If you gave your order form to the cabin crew, you will receive an order reservation by email once the order has been entered into our system (make sure to write your email address on the order form in capital legible letters).

How do I change my order?

You can change your order at any time - right up to the deadline for last orders, which is usually 5-6 days before your departure date (the exact deadline is specified when you log in to Airshoppen). You can make changes to your order online by logging into Airshoppen and then deleting your online payment in the shopping basket. This will make the basket editable again, and it will now be possible to add or remove any goods before making a new online payment.

You can also change your order by using the form below or calling our Call Centre on tel. +(44) 1614 98 38 38

When you have made changes to your order, you will receive a new, updated order reservation and you can discard previous order reservations that have been sent to you.

My flight details has changed, what should I do?

If your flight details has changed please contact Airshoppen Customer Service as fast as possible, so we can move your existing order to the new flight. 

I want to cancel my purchase, what should I do?

You can delete your order by using the "Cancel order"-button in your online shopping basket right up until the deadline for orders expires – usually 5-6 days before your departure date. When the deadline for orders has expired, we cannot change or delete your order but you can always return ordered goods once you have received them on board the aircraft. 

You always have 14 days cancellation rights on purchased goods. The start date for this is the date you receive the product. The cancellation right can only be used if the product is returned in the same condition as you received it. 

Read more about the right of cancellation in our terms and conditions

I am travelling to Barbados/Saint Lucia/Antigua and I cannot enter the website, how do I proceed?

Some flights are triangle flights, causing our system unable to recognize your booking reference and/or your booking data is unknown to Airshoppen.
Please send us an email at with following booking data: name, travel date and flight number out/homebound and we will create a manual customer number for Airshoppen only.

I live abroad travelling to UK and I cannot enter Airshoppen, how do I proceed?

When living abroad travelling with Thomas Cook out/homebound, we have technical issues regarding the log in-procedure because the booking is reverse compared to direction. All flights leaving UK are outbound flights, so we need to create a manual customer number, for Airshoppen only, reverting your travel data ordering from Airshoppen. Be aware, that your original outbound flight will be converted to a homebound flight, and your original homebound flight will be an outbound flight – but only for Airshoppen. Please send us an email at with following booking data: name, travel date and flight number out/homebound and we will create a manual customer number for Airshoppen only. 

If you haven't found the answer to your question, please contact us through this form:

I hereby consent to Airshoppen from Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia A/S having to process my personal information, if necessary, in connection with my flight. You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting customer service at or +44 1614 98 38 38.